Fostering a Gender Diverse Workplace and Boosting the Gender Ratio
This topic is especially relevant for India where women’s participation in the labour market is declining at an alarming rate. Over the last decade, India’s female labour force participation rate, which stood at 37% in 2005, fell by 10 percentage points. By 2016, only about one in four Indian women were working or looking for work.
Achieving successful Cultural Transformation in Organizations
As Peter Drucker says “Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast”. Culture has become the most important element of organizational success in the recent times. Many organizations are undergoing massive digital transformation and in addition have a unique set of challenges that demand a cultural change to survive in the market place. For instance, a need to be more innovative, collaborative, agile, customer-focused, compliant, values-driven, etc. Achieving successful culture transformation is therefore imperative to support & sustain operational success.