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Executive Coaching

Our results-driven coaching will enable your emerging leaders, women executives, and mid-level managers to perform to their full-potential and strengthen their leadership capabilities.

Combining latest research in leadership, neuroscience (NLP), gender-science and executive coaching, our approach addresses gender-specific differences in leadership style, opportunities and challenges. Outcomes from the executive coaching process and duration of the program, can be tailored to meet your unique organizational context and needs.

Program outline and inclusions:

  • Leadership Blueprint: Leadership Assessments + De-brief + Leadership Development Planning
  • Executive Coaching sessions (spread over 3-9 months)
  • Group workshops (tailored to meet your needs; choose from a multitude of research-based topics that accelerate leadership development)
  • Regular stakeholder check-ins (agenda setting, feedback and progress management), self-help resources + workbooks for participants
  • Integration of program with other organizational talent, diversity or performance initiatives (to maximize results and organizational outcomes)

Outcomes for your organization:
Succession-ready  high-potential leaders who can a) deliver strong & credible results and b) uphold behavioural standards that reflect company culture and values c) are self-regulated, confident, influential, resilient, able to handle uncertainty with poise d) exude a powerful executive presence and d) manage demanding professional and personal lives/expectations and hence are e)invested in their long-term growth and development with the organization

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Leadership Training

We design and facilitate engaging leadership development training which can be delivered both on-site and online.

Each program/training is customised. Our workshops range from a half day to 3 days and are tailored to suit your organizational context, values, audience, and unique needs.

Topics include (but not limited to)…

  • The Inclusive Leader

This program is designed to help managers, leaders and decision-makers navigate unconscious bias and foster inclusive workplaces, to enhance business outcomes

  • Emotional Intelligence for career and leadership success

This is for emerging leaders to improve their personal and interpersonal-impact by understanding and applying Emotional Intelligence

  • Communicating with Influence

This program is for high-potential executives to help them stand out by signalling confidence, competence and personal power.

  • Rising as women leaders in the workplace

This is designed to help high-potential women advance in their career and grow as leaders by letting go of the limiting beliefs and habits that hold them back.

​​All training has the option to include executive coaching, and delivered as a complete leadership development programs.

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