6-step career acceleration program for high-potential women

You are most likely here because…

You want more from your career and life. You may or may not be sure of what’s ahead…but you very well know that where you are right now, is not true to your potential.  You want to grow and rise being true to who you are. And yes you like to champion others, not pull them down.

You work really hard, sometimes to the point of overwhelm and exhaustion. You know deep inside that you over-commit (may be often) and that there is discomfort around saying ‘no’.  You totally dread letting others down or looking incapable. And therefore, despite your success, you have self-doubt that creeps in every once in a while. Yet…

You want to fight for your goals. You really want take charge of your career, and you are done waiting!

Imagine if…

– you had absolute clarity of your career direction and priorities
– you became the trusted advisor for your decision-makers and celebrated for the value/authority that you bring
– you can confidently back yourself up, set boundaries, and become comfortable managing conflict/difficult conversations
– you knew how to hold your ground and handle stressful situations with poise
–  you replaced self-doubt and limitations with deep-rooted confidence/possibilities and most of all, finally put in place strategies to establish balance, so you can avoid burning out and pursue sustainable career growth!

You can be all of this and more. This is your time to stride!

If you are ready, let’s get started. 

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This Program IS for…

– High-potential women who have the potential to excel at the next level, or

– Mid-level women managers seeking to grow upwards and can be or being prepared to take up executive leadership positions

– Women leaders who are looking to expand their leadership skills and potential

This Program is NOT for…

– women who are just starting out in their career, or don’t have a strong performance history

– those who are not looking to grow vertically in the next 2-3 years

– who don’t believe there’s more to who they are, and what’s possible for them

Please note than the program has limited seats. Reach out to us to find out if you are a match!

Here is how the program works

  •  A 6-step comprehensive course (based in gender-dynamics and female leadership development)
  • 6 x Individual executive coaching sessions
  • Extended DISC Behavioural Profiling, followed by a  90-minute Leadership Development Planning Session
  • Access to a closed online community
  • Opportunity to interact and network with fellow women leaders from around the world
  • Unlimited Q&A support
  • Lifetime access to the online course and closed online community

Powerful coaching tools will be used to identify and set values-aligned goals with participants. Behavioural profiling assessment and stakeholder feedback, will be used to uncover strengths and development areas. This will form the foundation of the Personalised Development Plan. Participants will also have access to 6 personalised 1:1 executive coaching sessions, to address specific roadblocks/challenges and stay on track with their goals.

In addition, the online course will guide the learning journey, with specific & actionable career and leadership development strategies. Participants can reach out for any additional support throughout the course of the program.

How to join the program

Write to to enquire more about the program details

Ask your employer

Get the corporate brochure that contains the program details to speak to your employer. Contact us for tips to build a strong case for your sponsorship.

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If you choose to invest in your development and pay by yourself, we can help you with a payment plan. To know more, contact us.

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Client Spotlight : Shilpa’s Success Story

More Testimonials…

Joanna FordShilpa ChauhanCarmen PalomaresDevika
Madhu, Thank you so much for the coaching conversation. I found it really motivating and I have definitely felt a shift in focus. I came to a few realisations about my self sabotage and other harmful strategies, and you have given me a great platform to begin to change these.
Joanna Ford
Project manager - Renewable Energy Sector, Tasmania
Madhu stepped into my life at the right time. She listened patiently to my needs and helped me work on my mindset. I moved from feeling depressed to feeling confident. I really started to believe in myself. I let go of expectations as a woman, that were holding me back. She also helped me with the right kind of language to use during interviews, which got me quick conversions. I cracked a job at the next level, and I am stepping into my second innings.
Shilpa Chauhan
Senior Scientist, Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology
Thank you to Madhu for helping me to go to the next level in understanding myself and what drives me. Armed with this knowledge I can stride more confidently in the direction of my purpose, with clarity and understanding of the "why". I highly recommend Madhu as she has a very caring, knowledgeable approach and challenges me to think outside the box as well as live with authenticity - which is what I need to brand myself in the corporate market.
Carmen Palomares
Senior Consultant, Infrastructure Engineering, NAB
You are an amazing Coach. During our sessions, You helped me uncover more of myself and needless to say, I felt immensely comfortable and at ease.
Senior Consultant, Deloitte

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During the session, you will also get the opportunity to get clear about your priorities, and uncover challenges that are blocking your career success.

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