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A book for the woman who wants more from her career and life. A book for the woman who wants to lead.

  • Discover how to step into your potential
  • Get the step-by-step roadmap to live an extraordinary life
  • Build your confidence, grit and executive presence
  • Take charge, make tough decisions and navigate uncertainty with poise
  • Rise as a woman leader
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Why this book and Why now

As a woman, you are aware that you live in a world that is not equal. And no, you can’t wait for another 200+ years for things to change (estimated time frame to bridge the gender gap, as published by The World Economic Forum). While you like to hear “This is how you do it” from senior women who have made it to the top, often it is not very helpful. It is because your own reality, challenges, fears and aspirations are different.

You therefore need a personalised guide.

This book has been created as a self-coaching guide to help you discover more about who you are, get clear on what you want, and show you a roadmap of how to get there. The world needs it’s fair share of women leaders. It is time for you to take charge and stride!

What People Say

Rhucha VijayaSusan
A must read for women wanting to realize their potential and excel in all walks of life. Madhu has very succinctly put together examples from her own experiences, and doled out specific steps to help women build an enriched and fulfilled life on the personal and professional front. The methodological approaches and practical exercised proposed in the book are eye-openers to tackle unconscious bias that most women succumb to. A must-read to harness your inner strengths and be your best self!
HR Practitioner
The book is lucidly written, well-illustrated and lessons come to life through the exercises and reflections prompted. What a swell job! Congratulations!
Experienced Organisational Change, Development and Leadership Consultant, Ex- Head of Leadership , Talent , Resourcing and OD for HSBC India and Ex- Head of Executive Education HSBC PLC , London
What a wonderful woman you are for sharing your story with us and providing inspiration that change is possible no matter what age or stage of life you are in. Many blessings to you
Operations Manager

About the Author

Madhu Jeyakumaran is an optimist by heart and prides her ability to instil positivity in others.  In the book, Madhu shares her personal journey of how she re-discovered herself after she went through a dark phase in her career, and recreated herself professionally after giving up on her corporate job. Through her story, she wants to inspire women to step into their potential and strive for the extraordinary.

Deriving from her own experiences and learning, and her expertise as an Executive Coach, she created Think Stride,  to empower women with the right mindset , habits and strategies to accelerate their careers and rise as leaders.

Prior to this, Madhu spent close to a decade working for large corporate organizations like PwC and HSBC Bank, where she managed and led people transformation projects in the areas of culture transformation, diversity & inclusion, talent management, and leadership development.

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