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Why are we here?

The world is in need of leaders with empathy, inclusiveness, generosity, balance, patience, and humility. Women naturally ace this leadership style! Despite the awareness and efforts towards gender diversity & inclusion, the statistics are alarming.

Source: WGEA International gender equality statistics 2016, Fortune 500 2018
Clearly something isn’t going right and the first significant step is to prevent women from standing in their own way..

If you are a woman who…

– is sitting on the fence and wondering how to reach the next level of career growth
– is keen to move into a larger leadership role in the near future
– recognises the importance of building your networks and executive presence but is not sure how
– has discomfort having difficult conversations
– is struggling to find work-life balance thereby feeling frustrated and overwhelmed
– has had enough of feeling uncertain and stuck
You have come to the right place. As long as you are committed to taking action, we are here to make you unstoppable and help you realise your next big dream!

Our Vision:

Our vision is to make a significant contribution in changing the current gender reality at the workplace, especially at leadership levels. We work with female professionals and organizations, through a variety of interventions aimed at maximising the growth & leadership potential of women while creating an enabling environment to nurture the transformation.

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Together, Let us show the world the way!

After spending close to a decade in the corporate world, Madhu found herself at crossroads after the birth of her son. She felt as if she didn’t belong and was not her authentic self as she started climbing up the corporate ladder; She felt as if she was pushed to choose and prioritise one of either career or her family, to make things work; She felt stuck and no matter how hard she tried, life only became difficult. She started looking for answers which led her to transition into a Leadership Coach and a Gender Diversity Strategist. She discovered that there is a whole new way to live life as a working woman, as a leader, as a wife, as a mother, as a daughter and/or everything else that a woman can be . Madhu founded ThinkStride to support women in the incredible journey of living an extraordinary life and give the world its fair share of women leaders.

Madhu is a Leadership & Transformational Coach, and a Gender Diversity Strategist. Prior to becoming a Leadership Coach, Madhu worked for large corporate organizations where she managed and led people transformation projects in the areas of cultural transformation, diversity & inclusion, talent management, and leadership development. She holds a Masters degree in Human Resource Management and is a certified Leadership Coach. She currently lives in Adelaide, Australia with her family. She is an avid painter & caricaturist and uses her creativity to develop visual learning frameworks. When she is not working, she is amused by the pursuits of her toddler or creating fusion vegetarian food in her kitchen.

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Madhu Jeyakumaran
Founder and Director, ThinkStride