Do you fear being found out as ‘not up to the mark’?

Do you fear being found out as ‘not up to the mark’?

Do you sometimes doubt your own accomplishments and have internal fear of being exposed as ‘not up to the mark’?

Do you often think the following:
I wonder if I am really ready 
They will soon find out that I am not up for it
It was just luck /timing
They chose me, because of a lack of options
etc etc

If you do, then you are not alone. Other than just being an annoying and unhealthy internal voice, this can often limit us from exploring the depth of our potential.

According to research, 2/3rd people suffer from this weird phenomenon termed as ‘Imposter Syndrome’ (and I can bet the number would be higher amongst women)

So, why does this happen?
– We tend to discount what comes naturally or effortlessly to us; We simply undervalue it 
– We often tend to hold unrealistic notions or set expectations of what it means to be ‘competent’ 
– We compare the best ‘external’ side of others to the worst ‘internal’ side of us
– Lack of well-defined feedback leaving us feeling good but not knowing what about us is being praised or recognized 
(you get told that you do well, instead of specifically being told on what you do well)
– ‘Fear of not being enough’ is a universal human fear

How to turn this from ‘an unhealthy internal voice’ to ‘valuable guiding mechanism’?
1. Recognize that just like you, every other person has this strange inner voice (anxious, uncertain, weird)
2. Which means you can trust yourself more. You won’t and don’t have to have all the answers. You don’t have to ‘prove’ yourself all the time. Instead, you can just offer what you know and seek out support when needed. Support others, in return.
3. You can view limitations in knowledge or skills, not an outer wall, but as gateways to trigger curiosity and learning.
4. You can recognize and appreciate yourself for how far you have come rather than worry at how far you have to go further, to motivate yourself to keep going.
5. With this new knowledge, you can feel rest assured about your abilities, give yourself time if you are new to something and continue to expand your comfort zone.

Here is an outstanding video that bring the much need reassurance we all need 🙂

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