Why do you need an ‘Elevator Pitch’?

Why do you need an ‘Elevator Pitch’?

Have you ever been asked “what do you do?”. Did you end up fumbling for words to explain your over complicated job to a stranger? Did the person lose interest 30 seconds into the introduction? Did you wish you could do it all over again? If yes, then read on…..

In the modern day and age, you never know where an opportunity for your career or business may arise. A brief introduction in an elevator could land you your next job offer or promotion or big client. However, “brief” is the key word there; rarely does anyone have “enough” time for us to explain our work in detail. But if that brief introduction is compelling and interesting enough, you might just get your chance at a longer discussion.

An Elevator Pitch…

  • will come in handy every time you introduce yourself to others (when you meet someone new at work – a new leadership team member, a cross-functional team member, maybe even your CEO who happened to meet you in the elevator and asked you what you do ? or outside of work at a conference or networking event)
  • makes you stand out in the crowd and gets others curious about what you do (chances are they’ll remember you better)
  • removes the oddness of how to start a conversation with strangers and puts you at ease

What should go into an elevator pitch?

Now that we have established the importance of an elevator pitch, let’s see how we can perfect ours. Think about an elevator pitch as a small story about you; it should be simple, easy to understand and spark curiosity in the other person. Below is a simple format to help you create your pitch.

1. Start with your name
Hey! My name is <your name>

2. Explain briefly what you do and whom you help
Please avoid introducing yourself using your job title. It’s how the whole world introduces themselves and the most boring, meaningless way to do it.
I help <who you help> with <crux of what you do, what problem you solve through your work>

3. Briefly, mention how you do it
I do this by < how you solve the problem / the tools & methods you use / the skill-sets that you put to use>

4. Always end by asking what they do (unless it is your CEO) to keep the conversation going
I’m curious to know what you do?

Some basic tips to remember: Be precise, be clear, avoid jargon (or clarify as necessary), be warm, be confident and most importantly, be passionate & energetic when communicating it to others.

Here is a sample Elevator Pitch for your reference:
“Hey! My name is Madhu. I help women step up as the leaders that they are and live extraordinary lives. To me, living an extraordinary life means doing things that matter most to us. I do this by helping them let go of limiting beliefs and behaviours, tap into their strengths and most importantly, challenge them to step outside their comfort zone, because that is where the magic happens! So, I’m curious to know, what is it that you do?”

Who wants to give their pitch a go? Feel free to share it in the comments section below.

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