5 steps to every career woman’s secret desire

5 steps to every career woman’s secret desire

The Secret desire of every woman is to achieve career success without having to trade off personal time.

Here is a 5-Step process to achieve this secret desire:

Step 1: Changing your belief about Career and Life fulfillment

The first step to achieving this secret desire is to believe that it is not a distant dream. It is entirely possible to be successful in your career, without having to trade-off personal time. When we change the question from “Is it possible?” to “How can I make it possible?”, the mind automatically will look for solutions and strategies to make it happen.

Step 2: Know what you want and where you are going:

The next step is to clearly articulate what will bring fulfillment for you. What career and life goals are you after? Having this clarity gives you a sense of direction as you move forward. At work, this will help you to make decisions on what to take up or not, what opportunities are right for you and most importantly, prioritise things that contribute to your career goals. It will help you to draw healthy boundaries and giving you precious time to spend on things that matter most to you. Having clear goals for other things in life such as relationships, family, health, interests etc is important but often ignored. Without these goals, you may end up taking things for granted and not spend efforts on the right areas which are important for your long-term fulfillment.

Step 3: Taking responsibility for your results:

We get exactly what we want in life. As bizarre as this sounds, we sub-consciously know what we want. At some level, whatever we are right now, is working for us. Think about it! What is the secondary gain you are getting as a result of where you are and your choices? We are responsible for the results that we get. When we understand this, we will stop blaming external forces or environment for our failures or short-comings or unmet needs.

If you cause whatever you get in life, how can you make your secret desire happen? What do you need to start doing? What do you need to stop doing?

Step 4: Simplify your journey towards your secret desire:

Rituals and habits can effortlessly fast-track your journey towards your secret desire. We all unconsciously have some rituals that are already in place. For instance, the time we get out of bed, watching our favorite TV show during the week, have lunch with a certain group of colleagues etc. Being intentional about choosing your rituals with a clear intention of moving towards your goals is they key.

Take stock of what habits or rituals you currently have. Look at your career & life goals and ask yourself, which rituals or habits will help me get there?

Step 5: Take Action:

Without action, just reading this article will not move your life. If you are serious about realizing your secret desire, act NOW! What is your next baby step towards your Secret Desire? Leave a comment as your commitment to taking action!

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