What weirdness in you are you proud of?

What weirdness in you are you proud of?

As a kid, nothing seemed to gratify my curious self who kept wondering why this and why that. Funny as it sounds…I was often joked about asking too many questions in class…even nicknamed as DB ( Doubt Queen) during my undergrad days. My classmates often counted upon me to make our class ‘look intelligent’ by asking good questions when no one did! However I never particularly liked this part of me because I thought it just put me in awkward situations and attracted undue attention.

But this curiosity is what triggered an artistic and creative side of my brain. As a kid, I loved to draw and paint. My art teacher pushed me into participating in painting competitions because he believed I should give it a try. I wasn’t too sure because I knew I was good but not exceptional. I decided to give it a shot and from then on…won every single art competition at my school. I still remember after I was finished…I would go check out other paintings to find out how others interpreted the topic and how well others did. What I never understood was why I was given the 1st prize when I personally felt there were more beautiful paintings made by a few others. The question and self-doubt stayed for a long time.

I finally found an explanation for this when I visited the Vatican City. We had visited numerous museums in Italy filled with mind-blowing paintings by the greatest artists that ever lived on earth. As I entered Sistine Chapel of the St. Peter’s Basilica …I was engulfed by the magnificent aura of the place. I stood there spellbound staring at the ceiling painted by Michelangelo – the work that is regarded as the major artistic accomplishment of the human civilization. When I looked down I saw Frescos painted by other renowned artists of the likes of Raphael and Botticelli. I had seen so many paintings much more intricate and beautiful…but what stood out about Michelangelo’s work was his unmatched creativity and unique interpretation which helped the world visualize things in ways never done before.

And that is what made all the difference…there is humongous value in breaking the unconventional and unleashing possibilities which no one ever imagined of. Isn’t that what creative geniuses like Albert Einstein or Steve Jobs did? That day, I decided that I will not only keep up my curious spirit but will learn to be proud of it.

As a Coach, I now recognize the importance of being our authentic self  and to never ever give it up for anything in the world. Dear woman, what weirdness in you are you proud of?

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