I boarded an early morning flight and almost instantly drowsed off in my seat. The weather was cold, I was on empty stomach and suddenly woke up feeling terribly nauseated. Reason?? The young lady sitting next to me was smelling real bad…the stench was just unforgivable! She was dressed up well, even managed to put on slight make up…which was all fine . But the one thing she very badly needed – “Deodorant” was not used :-/

In my head I’m thinking…”Ghosh..Wish she asked her family or friends…Hey do I smell ok?”…Or people who cared about her offered to let her know that she needs Deodorant!!! Many a time at home and at work the power of feedback is often ignored. It isn’t too much of an effort to reach out and ask “Hey…How do you think the meeting went? Is there something I can do better?”

So often small delta changes made basis well-intentioned productive feedback can go a long way in helping us excel. Remember…all that the young lady needed was a little Deo!! It takes courage to ask for feedback because you never know what you will hear. An open mind, a little humility and the willingness to work on what is heard is critical.

Do we know how we smell today? Let’s go ahead and quickly check with someone!!!

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